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Advertisements should be supplied as press ready Adobe Acrobat PDF file version 1.4 (Acrobat 5.0), or as a TIFF file.  Bleed ads should be sized to bleed dimensions with crop marks, color bars or other printer information.  Color images should be in CMYK mode at a minimum of 300 dpi and should not exceed 300% ink density.  A high quality digital proof should accompany ad.  In the absence of a high quality proof, we are not responsible for reproduction quality.  For more information and specifications, please visit

PRINTER SPECIFICATIONS: 55 lb. coated 3# paper stock. Youcan expect up to 10% dot gain at midtone values for grayscale and color images.

FTP instructions

Ads can be posted to our FTP site at FTP server will not allow web browser uploads, please use an FTP client application.

Login with the username testaftp and password testa1, server is case sensitive. Please upload file to folder marked “TO TESTA COMMUNICATIONS”. Multiple files must be saved as a stuffed/zipped archive. High resolution PDF or TIFF files can be posted natively. File sizes may not exceed 500 megabytes. Email and your salesperson to notify us that you have posted an ad to our site. Please include the file name, description of the ad, the magazine, month, etc. It is critical that we are notified after a file is uploaded as undocumented files are periodically purged.

We recommend other file transfer methods such as to send materials.

ADVERTISING DEADLINES:  Space reservations are the 1st of the month, one month preceding cover date.  Ad materials are due the 7th of the month, one month preceding cover date.